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Mouse Ear Inflammation Models and their Pharmacological Applications
Gábor Miklós
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This monograph is the first book to give a general survey of the different mouse ear inflammation models and their pharmacological applications. A number of investigators emphasize the usefulness of the application of different models of oedema, induced in mouse ear with croton oil, 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate, cantharidin, mustard oil, arachidonic acid, dithranol (anthralin), capsaicin, ethyl phenylpropiolate, interleukin-1 or zymosan and also carrageenin-induced mouse ear dermatitis (Part One).  The second part of the book provides the reader with concise information on the pharmacological applications of the different mouse ear models: investigations of the anti-inflammatory activities of synthetic compounds and other substances, including anti-inflammatory substances of plant origin (terpenoids, benzopyrone derivatives, etc.), plant extracts and marine products.

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